Across the Atlantic #Crew mate on Transat

Called Transatlantic or also Transat, sailing across the Atlantic still remains an adventure even though it has been democratized these late years. From Lorient in Brittany to Le Marin in the West Indies, around 3 500 miles separate these two lands. It’s a real adventure, a life achievement that we would like to share with you.

In novembre 2016, embark as a crew mate on board one of our Challenge 67, 21m monohull built for the BT Global Challenge, round the world race against prevailing winds, for a period of 28 days. Notice that it is a transat and not a cruising session.

From West to East, we’ll sail down to the Canarian Islands to catch up trade wind to navigate towards French Indies. On our way back, from East to West, we’ll call in at the Azores, after Christmas time and new year at sea.

For this crossing, a professionnal crew made out of 2 sailors (skipper and mate) will be accompanied by 10 customers, crew mates. You will be sharing on watch periods, about 8 hours a day, as well cooking, washing up and so on.

To know more about dates and details for Transat, access to calendar…