Coastal Sailing Course

Coastal sailing course, semi-offshore from Lorient in southern Brittany to head for the Archipelago des Scilly.

These liveaboard cruises are based on a 7-day mid-shore navigation program. Open to all, they allow teammates to acquire the mastery of the edge but also to discover an archipelago of islands located in the south west of England, 200 nautical miles from Lorient.

A semi-deep sea sailing course to progress

This semi-deep sea sailing course in cruising school is intended for any navigator wishing to progress by structuring the techniques of use of a large sailboat. Emphasis is placed on anticipation, decision-making, participation and / or shift responsibility, in consultation with the skipper. The objective is to acquire the mastery of night navigation, safety, maneuvers, board management, equipment.

Level crossings, maritime traffic and night navigation

During this cruise aboard one of our Challenge 67, the navigation goes through technical areas (Raz de Sein, Chenal du Four) but also frequented (DST), not to mention the night shifts.
Once inside, you will discover the Scilly archipelago, which is full of islands suitable for seal colonies, not forgetting the tropical gardens on the island of Tresco.

Duration: 7 days
Navigation: Lorient / Archipelago des Scilly
Boat: Albatros or Whirlwind – Challenge 67
Embedded crew: all levels
Price of the internship: 1090 € / crew member – Crate included (breakfast, lunch, dinner, consumables)
FFVoile license: compulsory

The navigation program is from Lorient. The course is set on the Scilly Archipelago, 200 nautical miles away. Located in the Celtic Sea, the Scilly Islands are located in the west-southwest of the Cornwall Peninsula, from which they are only 20 miles distant. More about the Scilly Archipelago…

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