LIBERTALIA, a Volvo 60 yacht joins CHALLENGE OCEAN!

The Volvo 60 yacht LIBERTALIA, designed by Laurie Davidson, took part under the name Djuice Dragons in the Volvo Ocean Race 2001-2002, crewed round the world with stopovers. Skippered by the Norwegian Knut Frostad, this 19.50m monohull had Thomas Coville and Jean-Yves Bernot as the Navigator and Shift Supervisor.
Based in Lorient alongside our two Challenge 67 Albatros and Whirlwind, Libertalia is a powerful racing sailboat. A Formula 1 of the seas with very spartan comfort. But this new demanding and powerful unit is intended to be aligned on offshore racing lanes. Each year, programs will be chartered on the French and international IRC circuit. Races are numerous: Rolex Fastnet Race, Armen Race, Tour de Belle Ile, Rolex Middle Sea Race, Voiles de Saint-Tropez, Transat, Caribbean 600, Heineken Regatta, Voiles de St. Barth…

The Volvo 60, a crewed racing yacht

Extremely marine and swift, this large 65-foot monohull is built for racing. Skippered by three professional sailors, LIBERTALIA embeds 12 team members in the race. For sleeping and life on board, that’s the union minimum! 16 bins, a gas stove and a toilet. On the deck, double helm station and double winch columns for the grinders! Hydraulics and ballasts complete the power on board.
Rigged as a sloop with carbon mast, the Volvo 60 has a large and varied wardrobe! Up front, you will be spoiled for choice: staysail, J1, J2, genoa, large genoa, asymmetric spinnaker, symmetrical spinnaker. The mainsail is “full batten” with a membrane fabric from Quantum Sails.

LIBERTALIA on the Rolex Fastnet Race 2021

On August 4, LIBERTALIA will head to Cowes to be at the start of the Rolex Fastnet Race, the first international race of the year. Organized by the Royal Ocean Racing Club, one of the most prestigious sailing clubs on the planet, this 700MN race takes place every 2 years. Great novelty for this 2021 edition, the finish will be judged in Cherbourg (France) and no longer in Plymouth as in all previous editions. You dreamed to get onboard a Volvo 60 yacht as a “high-flying” crew member? Learn more…

LIBERTALIA makes her Sailing Market Place

The boat is now wearing the CHALLENGE OCEAN colors. Ultimately, we want to offer a “Sailing Market Place”, to be a premium support for the promotion of partner companies, whether they come from the nautical sector or other sectors of activity.
By entering the yacht on the international circuit in the coming years, targets / potential markets for partners are diverse:
– Northern Europe (Rolex Fastnet Race, Cowes Week, Armen Race, Drheam Cup, etc.)
– Southern Europe (Rolex Middle Sea Race, Voiles de Saint-Tropez, Transat RORC, etc.)
– USA or other neighboring countries (Caribbean 600, Heineken Regatta, Voiles de St. Barth, etc.).
Depending on the objectives and the level of commitment of the partner companies (exchange of services or financial contribution), the yacht LIBERTALIA participates in races on the IRC circuit, and can also be used for PR operations at the start or finish of the race and even sailing onboard ( departure of The Ocean Race Europe for example) but also on the Figaro circuit during the Double Transat, La Solitaire, the Transat Jacques Vabre, etc.

What does Libertalia mean?

Libertalia is the name of a libertarian colony founded by pirates on the island of Madagascar. It would have existed for about twenty-five years at the end of the 17th Century, without really knowing whether it is a reality or a legend. To find out more on Wikipedia …
Photo © Yvan ZEDDA
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